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Arindal version 52702 OpenBeta

Sturm am 21.1.2008

Offizielle Infos:

This is our last update before the big storm.

Be careful out there! The Undead are coming....

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • Koboldbärchen porten, wenn sie von einem Magier gegessen werden, diesen ein kleines Stück.

Arindal version 52701 OpenBeta

Sturm am 7.1.2008

Offizielle Infos:

Weapons have been rebalanced: For most of them, the changes are big. A weapon that, for example used to give good balance, might now do something else. All have become more powerful though, and the differences between the weapons are more clear. The title requirements have also changed. This means that in some cases you will be unable to use a certain weapon.

In the OOC area are NPCs who sell the weapons for a reasonable price. Please test!

Undead: They seem to be everywhere! Be careful out-there!

Arindal version 52301 OpenBeta

Sturm am 10.12.2007

Offizielle Infos:

  • The usual bugfixes.
  • Wood fits in the normal bag (all kinds of wood)
  • We have a townyeller.
  • New healer trainer (3rd circle).

Most of the work is at the moment done "behind the scenes" by a team that's cut in half by the evil FLU since a while now. Among this are preparations for the end-quest, the payment system, a new newbie system, race balancing and area changes for commercial.

We do not have a date for commercial yet, we wish we would have, but we're still waiting for some crucial information from some other parties. Meanwhile, you might have noticed some more GM action in the game. These are some warming up actions for the grand final.

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • New trainer found at alligators
  • At the moment the townyeller will announce only fallens directly in or closely (1snell) around town center, who have not shared anyone

Arindal version 52001 OpenBeta

Sturm am 20.11.2007

Offizielle Infos:

  • The Meditation Tower has moved to town center. As town will change after the big storm, it's location is a temporary quick solution.
  • The OOC area has moved to the new Meditation Tower. Entrance in the Arindal cave has been closed.
  • Newbies will from now on arrive in town after choosing their gender. They can choose their race, skin- and hair colour at the OOC area. As long as they don't do this, they'll stay cloaked. Feedback is welcome here, although the system is still under construction.
  • The usual behind-the-scenes bugfixes.
  • Irina needs to be rescued.

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • Halloween area removed again
  • The scavenger nests are gone
  • There is a new fence 1w and 1w1s of town
  • Harmless barrels appear in town from time to time

Arindal version 51702 OpenBeta

Sturm am 31.10.2007

Offizielle Infos:

  • Depart system has changed, working off malus by killing monsters has been removed.
  • Higher level enhancement crystals available.
  • New 3rd circle fighter trainer.
  • 1 area still not found.
  • Shamans have been removed from 3 valleys. Please bug it if you see one there.
  • Special Halloween areas open for some days.
  • New monsters and items.
  • The usual bugfixes.

Infos von Ziyal:

Depart system and malus A first depart will cost the normal amount of experience, but nothing else. A second depart within 2 hours will cost the normal amount of experience, and will lower your speed. (this will automatically go back to normal after some time). A third depart (or more) will cost the normal amount of experience, and a penalty in skills. (this will automatically go back to normal after some time). Time out is currently 2 hours. Feel free to test Wink.

Enhancement crystals The new enhancement crystals can give higher, but also lower extras than the first circle ones. Mounting higher circle crystals costs more, the mage who mounts it needs to be at least the circle of the crystal. You need to have a 3rd title to be able to wear an item with a 2nd circle enhancement crystal mounted on it, otherwise you can't use the item.

Arindal version 51301 OpenBeta

Offizielle Infos:

  • Finally: Pathfinding!
  • The Rainbow Pub opens it's doors.
  • New area, 1 area still not found.
  • Spawns in Tundra have changed.
  • Bison leather drops rebalanced.
  • Locus asks 5 coins again. Please do keep testing locating with the Finna!
  • New monsters, some new resources and items.
  • Bug with the very long (or very short, but that didn't get bugged Wink ) waiting time for the circle tests should be fixed.
  • Bug with Tandua should be fixed.
  • 4th circle items fixed.
  • There are a few new crystal types. 2nd circle enhancement crystals are not available yet. Crystals still can be sold for 100 coins.
  • The Cad can not be used in the circle tests. We're working on changes for some tests.

Infos von Abenteurern:

Arindal version 51101 OpenBeta

Offizielle Infos:

  • 4th circle test for fighters and healers.
  • Expansions of 2 areas. 1 new area is still not found.
  • New monsters and items.
  • The bugs with several items (like the clay shell) have been fixed.
  • Bug with the mage 2nd circle pants has been fixed.
  • German and Dutch translations should be up to date. French partly not.
  • Dark blue belt (not eatable, sorry) available.
  • Locating has been rebalanced again. Please test.
  • All kinds of bisons have a chance to drop leather.
  • Behind the scenes, there's much work done, both for the usual bugfixes as for commercial. (No, we still do not have a date for that). This is work for scripts, area expansions, items, advertising and so on.
  • Because of a partly broken item file, there was no time left to add all translations to all new items. There's no need to bug items that are not translated, they will be next update.

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • VT has been enlarged, ladder going down in GVC
  • 3 grey dangerous looking closed towers on graveyard

Arindal Version 50801 (Beta)

Vorabinformationen von Ziyal:

  • The usual small and big bugfixes.
  • Mage 2nd circle test!
  • 3 new areas.
  • New quest, some smaller side quests.
  • Old quests still running. Beware of demons!!!
  • Clay can be used at builders, and also has other uses.
  • New resources, increased spawns of existing ones.
  • Herb bag can contain more items.
  • White shirts have been sent to the laundry. If they still look as dirty as they were, try praying to the God-of-Laundry.
  • Price of cads has been reduced to 1500 coins. Those who already bought a cad will get the money they paid extra back during the coming weeks. There's no need to pray or bug. If you have bought a cad before version 50801, and don't get money back the coming 2-3 weeks, you can mail to There's no need to do this if you buy a cad after update 50801, I have a list of cad owners Wink.
  • Locating has been balanced again. Because locating still needs testing, but players rely mostly on Locus, he increased his price to 50 coins. He can locate a bit further now though.
  • New trainer for the next lessons in teeth-extraction, new trainer for blood-extraction.
  • The big nasty bug for the *kill 100 monsters within 5 minutes* quests should be solved. Please test!
  • We will test some healing potions during the coming weeks. They can NOT be created or bought yet, except the one in Ardvell.

Offizielle Infos:

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • neues Gebiet unter ratwell: Abwasserkanäle (dort zu finden: Zweig mit Odhran, rat tails, man kann "stwed rats" kaufen, ein Typ tauscht 5 Dung gegen Salpeter, es gibt eine Quest Ratten zu töten, sehr viele neue Monster)
  • die Blood-Dungeons liegen noch unter den Abwasserkanälen, ebenfalls viele Monster
  • Reizendes Baum leicht geändert
  • etliche neue Händler im Markt
  • in der Schmiede werden Kupfer, Gold und Silber angekauft
  • Locus-Reichweite: 10 Snells
  • für 3 Stück Lehm und 50 Münzen kann man in AKvumi eine "clay shell" (Lehmschale?) kaufen
  • Galea in Dinken erhältlich
  • erweiterter Zahn- und neuer Blut-Trainer

Arindal Version 50501 (Beta)

Sturm am 20.08.2007

Offizielle Infos:

  • Mages: Read the Mage-forum!
  • Some of under-the-hood fixes and improvements.
  • Team GM is back from their holidays and can't wait to make nice stuff!

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • Kleidersack wird richtig dargestellt
  • Residential area leicht umgestaltet und verschönert

Arindal Version 49901 (Beta)

Sturm am 25.06.2007

Offizielle Infos:

  • New areas.
  • Experience bug with Noths fixed.
  • Mages: Read the Mage-forum!
  • Lot of under-the-hood fixes and improvements.

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • Im Westen, im Lande der Cercops, steht eine Hütte, die man nicht betreten kann.
  • Im Markt gibt es für 3 Stück Stoff und 400 Münzen einen Kleidersack zu kaufen.
  • 1E gibt es jetzt Glücksspielitems
  • Die Umkleide am Partybeach ist jetzt kleiner und vereinheitlicht, so dass man nicht mehr das "falsche" Outfit wählen kann. (kann auch schon länger so sein)
  • Soular hat seine Preise erhöht? (aufgefallen: von 27c für Magierlehrlinge auf 60c)

Arindal Version 49601 (Beta)

Sturm am 04.06.2007

Offizielle Infos:

  • Some new areas
  • Mages; sign up for your forum!
  • Some new monsters
  • Usual bugfixes

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • Die Markthalle wurde nochmals vergrößert, außerdem kann man jetzt Schlüsselbunde für 175 Münzen kaufen
  • Dyers haben einen neuen Look bekommen, außerdem steht dort jetzt die (noch geschlossene) Regenbogenkneipe
  • Bei den Tigern das Schloss ist offen
  • die ersten Clanhaus-Baustellen wurden eröffnet
  • Beutel können auch mit /examine eingesehen werden
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