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In diesem Artikel wird Buch über die magischen Stürme geführt, die von Zeit über Arilon hinwegziehen. Meist ändern sich durch diese Stürme einige Dinge in der Welt. Hier könnt ihr sehen, was die Macher der Stürme über sie aussagen und was die Abenteurer in der Welt so alles (nicht) gefunden haben. Der Stormlog der Vorversionen (Beta) von Arindal kann hier eingesehen werden.

Arindal version 59701

Sturm am 16.05.2009

Offizielle Infos:

  • The usual amount of bigger and smaller bugfixes.
  • Around 150 new s'nells to explore in 2 parts of the world.
  • New items, weapons, armor, monsters, quests. Visit the Rôt Fiis Inn for a small hint...
  • Very basic pushball area in the OOC area. Just for up and try!

You still did not do the reward hunt with one of the heroes from the Rôt Fiis Inn.....

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • Neue Käufer im Markt
  • "Spiked Club" verfügbar im Nor-Fort (Ha'Bhy sagt, "For a piece of pincilo, 3 wood and 3495 coins I'll make you an spiked club.")
  • Schaufel-Trader verfügbar im Nor-Fort (Vodrigh sagt, "Bring me 3 pieces of Nauggath ore and a log of wood and I'll make you a shovel.")
  • Neue Gegend: Cursed_Marsh (Westausgangniamph 1N2W Kylae Heronen)
  • "War Hat" verfügbar im Cursed_Marsh ("S'slac sagt, "For a termite egg, a perfect spider web, a coyote fur and 2650 coins I'll make you a war hat.")
  • Neue Gegend: Marranyin (nord-östlich von Ravyn) with at least 3 different regions (desert, a little green around the river, termites), a portal and villages (Jiwurr)
  • "Very strong axe" verfügbar in Marranyin (Habib sagt, "For a handaxe, a piece of sakana, a piece of lava and 8995 coins I'll make you a very strong axe.")
  • Several other items accesible in Marranyin (perfect spiderweb), some one-time quests and a monsterchallenge
  • Abdal sagt, "For a piece of skob, a Marranyin ona gland, a golden horseshoe and 3595 coins I'll make you a spiked shield." in Weyiny, another village in Marranyin

Arindal version 59101

Sturm am 17.04.2009

Offizielle Infos:

  • Small update this time. We of course did the usual amount of bugfixes, but most of the work has been done "behind the scenes".

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • A Leopard is now available in the weapon-test-building 1E1N

Arindal version 58801

Sturm am 22.03.2009

Offizielle Infos:

  • The usual bugfixes.
  • New area, new monsters.
  • Ore spawns at all areas where ore can be found have changed.
  • Myrm queens all have a chance to drop a chest now.
  • Some new paths.

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • New Cave 1N1E of Urdarvillage in Crocoland, inhabited by strong Myrmursten (black myrms)

Arindal version 58501

Sturm am 22.02.2009

Offizielle Infos:

  • The usual bugfixes.
  • Clanhut builders.
  • New area, monsters, items.
  • Torch and soap can be put in bags.
  • An NPC in the Meditation Tower tells your training status, for a price.
  • A few new paths.
  • Locating bugs at Kazadoom sea and Eilean solved.
  • Wendecka snell bug has been solved. The 2 persons who bugged it at almost the same time will get their reward.
  • Will Dor'Shak finally be beaten?

Infos von Abenteurern:

Arindal version 57901

Sturm am 15.01.2009

Offizielle Infos:

  • Changes
    • The usual amount of bug fixes.
    • Win client update bug solved. (see: here)
    • Kyttyns can now wash themselves in baskets.
    • Soap item now has limited uses. It'll take longer before you need to wash again (unless you manage to get dirty somehow)
    • Clans!
    • New paths.
    • Several new areas, monsters, items, quests. Special thanks to helper Gizmo, who did some amazing last minute work.
    • Healer test bug should be fixed.
    • Locating bugs Niamph horses, Rugumund and Barwidgee forest are fixed. The Chelicaer caves (Big Noids) have a locating bug. This will be fixed the next update.
    • Pirate priests have visited the pirate school of magic.
  • Running or unsolved quests
    • Help Lider and the Elders against the orgas.
    • Undead quest.
lost Maquas quest
Because of a silly bug, this quest couldn't be solved. Because it was a really small quest, I decided to skip it and open the
postoffice. The concept will be used for a new quest though of-course. You'll be rewarded for your efforts to solve it.
Wendecka s'nell-border bug
Rumors say there's a bad s'nell-border bug somewhere at wendies. I am unable to find it. I'm offering a free chain for the one
who can tell me the right location of this bug.
A few thousand flyers have been spread in Holland and Germany. More will be spread the coming weeks. Big thanks to Glamdring and
Brommi for spending their time to do this!

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • Ravyn and Dreki cave open
  • Appletrees which you can shake
  • New buyer in market for horseshoes
  • Postoffice with little reward and personal mailboxes
  • Clanbuilder to found your own clan
  • Piratepriests learned to cast blue beams of fire
  • New area accessible with Pathfinders near Orga Camp 2

Arindal version 57501

Sturm am 10.12.2008

Offizielle Infos:

  • What's new in version 57501
    • the usual bugfixes.
    • new simplified account system.
    • most of the small (newbie) monsters give more experience.
  • Running or unsolved quests:
    • Help Lider and the Elders against the orga's.
    • Undead quest.
    • What happened to the people from the post office?
  • Planned for the coming update(s):
    • Expansion of Mirrin Island. Expansion east of the Waste.
    • The Drakh Nor Fort.
    • Intelligent monsters.
  • Not soon, but "soon" or maybe *soon*:
    • Weather effects, pets. And more!

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • Myrm-Loch ist verschwunden.
  • Finna ist angepasst worden funktioniert jetzt gut.

Arindal version 56901

Sturm am 05.11.2008

Offizielle Infos:

  • New this update:
    • New areas, around 75 s'nells. Among them after several requests the Thoomship from Alchera Memories.
    • New monsters, items.
    • Mynna Crypt rebalanced.
    • New paths.
    • Diseases & washing part 1.
    • Newbies will have 2 more items when they arrive.
    • New AI. (to be found at some places in new areas)
    • Somewhere, you can win a chain!
    • Somewhere, you can find a whip! (if you're lucky)
    • Sellers Dinken.
    • The usual amount of bugfixes.
  • Running or unsolved quests:
    • Help Lider and the Elders against the orga's.
    • Undead quest.
    • What happened to the people from the post office?
  • Planned for the coming update(s):
    • Expansion of Mirrin Island. Expansion east of the Waste.
    • Finally, the Drakh Nor Fort.
    • Changes for newbies (newbie monsters will give more experience)
    • Intelligent monsters.
  • Not soon, but "soon" or maybe *soon*:
    • Weather effects, pets. And more!

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • The bathhouse is open
  • There´s a new portal in northern Alchera leading to a water area
  • Cave at Pirate dock leading to new area with Pirates and Yarimada Orga

Arindal version 56601

Sturm am 12.10.2008

Offizielle Infos:

  • An unusual high amount of bugfixes.
  • New monsters, items, (quest)area.
  • New paths. 2nd Pathfinder trainer now trains the correct amount of ranks.
  • Bloodback spawn in wendies lowered, test spawn at town batcaves removed.
  • Newbies will be announced when they enter the game.
  • Newbies auto-equip their items.
  • You no longer can chain fallens to Wirwar's maze for a free heal.
  • Translations are not up to date due to vacations and illness.
  • Mages - see mage forum.
  • Kudzu growproces repaired.
  • Running or unsolved quests:
    • Help Lider and the Elders against the orga's.
    • Undead quest.
    • What happened to the people from the post office?
  • Planned for the coming update(s):
    • Large expansion of Mirrin Island.
    • Finally, the Drakh Nor Fort.
    • Diseases and bathing.
    • Changes for newbies (more items)
    • New AI.

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • Pathfinder get a message which kind of path they just used (for example: • Glamdring findet einen Pfad durch die Bäume.)
  • slightly changed well in TC
  • Kudzus now grow visibly and turn brown before they decay

Arindal version 56301

Sturm am 17.09.2008

Offizielle Infos:

  • There are 2 new areas for group quests. One is connected to the orga quest, one is a new quest. At some parts, you'll need passwords. Not everything is translated yet, if a password does not work in your language, try english.
  • Pathfinding: new paths added to make it easier to go in the direction of entrance Niamph plateaus, Akvumi, Party Beach, Niamph ponies.
  • Pathfinding: all paths have been debugged.
  • New monsters.
  • New scripts in use.
  • Some repairs to Reizendes "thinkto-when-fallen" option.
  • The usual amount of bugfixes.
  • Mages - see mageforum.
  • It's likely we'll need to do one or more restarts the coming weeks. We will try to do them during daytime, when it's quiet. These will be quick restarts, the server won't be offline for long.

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • New Area 2N1W of Leilah
  • Graveyard towers open
  • New Group Area below Andoria

Arindal version 55701

Sturm am 14.08.2008

Offizielle Infos:

  • The usual bugfixes.
  • German translations should be up to date.
  • Some paths need less pathfinding ranks. Some new paths. The first pathfinding trainer does now max at 70 ranks instead of 50.

Arindal version 55401

Sturm am 22.07.2008

Offizielle Infos:

  • Due to the holidays not much is new. We do however present the new Winclient version!
  • Several bugfixes
  • Re-release Dutch client for Mac
  • Win client:
    • The win client has been debugged.
    • Reassigning of item shortcuts in inventory has been fixed.
    • The account expire date bug has been fixed.
    • Animated icon to progress dialog while connecting to the server has been added.
    • If no music files are found in data/Music/directory, it will be rescanned after a bit longer interval.
    • Some minor improvements.

Arindal version 55101

Sturm am 20.06.2008

Offizielle Infos:

  • Changes in the world
    • Over 100 new hunting s'nells to explore. Visit Mirrin Island, but don't forget to look elsewhere as well!
    • Large amount of new monsters.
    • New resources, weapons, armor and other items.
    • New quests: about 25 new hunt quests, Wirwar's maze, and several things you'll need to find out yourself.
  • Bugfixes
    • The usual amount of bugfixes. This is a big update, keep bugging!
    • Pike can now be used by fighters with title 2 instead of 3.
    • Kudzu no longer fits in the herb bag. The ones you have in a herb bag can be taken out, but can't be put back in.
    • Bug where certain resources needed for instruments did never spawn is fixed.
  • Running quests

What's up with those orga attacks? And what happened to the post office Maqua's?

  • LAG!

The lag problem is not solved. We do know it's not the server or the host, but a technical problem with a node that's close to our host. We're at the moment making arrangements for moving the server to Germany, not directly because of the current lag, but because we want to have the server at a place where people with Sun knowledge can handle possible problems directly.

As soon as the lag problems are gone, we'll add the compensations for the lost days to your accounts..

Be careful out there!

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • Überarbeiteter Markt mit deutlich mehr Ankäufern (unter anderem Wolfsfelle!), Taschen gibts jetzt im 2. Stock
  • Mirrin Island westlich des Partybeaches erreichbar
  • 1E 1N ist Wirwars Irrgarten, eine Quest für Arilonier mit Orientierungssinn
  • 1E hat der Rôt Fiis Inn seine Pforten geöffnet.

Arindal version 54501

Sturm am 26.05.2008

Offizielle Infos:

  • Because several people keep using demo characters to store money or items for them, or to redo the some apprentice quests over and over to gain coins, we're working on some changes to the demo system to make this impossible. Until we have those changes, the apprentice mage quests won't give coins anymore, and several other quest NPCs have been removed.
  • The spriggin candy is buggy. Therefor we did remove the *mage jump* for now. Until the bug is solved of course.
  • You'll notice a bigger download than usual, because of a large amount of new images. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
  • As always, we did the usual amount of bugfixes and behind-the-scenes work.
  • There's a large amount of new areas waiting to be explored. The guy who is repairing the boats to Mirrin Island needs your help though.

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • Postamt ist da, benötigt aber Maquas von Mirrin Island und damit reparierte Boote um zu funktionieren.
  • Bertram, ein Verhüllter, der nur die magische Sprache spricht, wartet im Weihrauchtempel auf Besucher

Arindal version 54201

Sturm am 28.04.2008

Offizielle Infos:

Update news

  • New areas, and items.
  • Bug with the long waiting time after taking a circle test should be solved.
  • Bug with the Urdar helmet is solved. Partly. You can't wear it anymore, but no-one wants to anyway.
  • The usual bugfixes here and there. Keep bugging!
  • Lots of work is done on our web pages.
  • There will be some untranslated NPCs ingame. I'm suffering from RSI, this gives me less time behind the computer, thus delays all other work (even if Aerandir took a big part of my NPC work and Nexus area work. Big thanks to both, otherwise there would not be an update at all). Translations in german and dutch should be done for 80%. There's no need to /bug fully untranslated NPCs. All other strange partly untranslated things, or typos, should be bugged of course.

Behind the scenes

  • We have a nice group of new people helping us to create areas. It takes some time to get used to the tools (they're somewhat illogical and complicated here and there), but in the end, this will make us able to expand quicker. *Soon*.
  • The win client is being debugged by the ones who wrote it. This consumes a lot of Torx' time, which has influence on our scripts, but it needs to be done.
  • We're working on several improvements: advanced clans (with clan trainers and clan circle tests), weather effects, diseases and bathing house (almost done), pets, different kinds of (group) quests, chain lightening (for monsters, you'll love the departs), fun items like boomerangs, games like *pushball*, postoffice system... and some other things, like *mages*.
  • There are several large new areas under construction. Large as in "Ardvell large". I have good hopes we will be able to open at least a big part of one of them the next update.
  • Aerandir and Gyges are working again on promoting the game. We surely hope it will have some effects in the near future.

General information.

  • We receive many bugs about the darkness settings of areas. In general, you can chose to overrule our preferred darkness settings to own client settings. However, there are certain areas that we really want to be dark. We have a special option to overrule your client settings for those areas, and here and there we use it. There's no need to bug this.
  • We still have the bug with some ghost/spirit images. This is being worked on.
  • We're having a problem with the basic NPC script. This can cause NPCs to not act as they should sometimes. The script is currently being debugged (and will be rewritten soon). When done, the script will also give new quest possibilities.
  • Last but not least: Please do note, that we have a team behind the scenes that works hard to make the game, and keep it running. We have the GMs, but also the helpers, who all do a large amount of work. Even if they're not mentioned here, it does not mean they do less work. A big thank this time for our helpers. They do a lot of work, but hardly ever get any credits!

Infos von Abenteurern:

Arindal version 53901

Sturm am: 02.04.2008

Offizielle Infos:

  • Items, areas, monsters.
  • The usual bugfixes.
  • In the OOC area, you can find a door to an NPC who can reset you. Reset means: you'll be a full newbie again. Use with care. We won't be able to restore what's lost...
  • There are rumors the Ethereal hunters will be back to hunt down demo characters who are used as slaves. Demo characters are made for new players to try out the game, not as personal back up healers or bags-with-a-name. If you want to play more than one character at the same time, pay for the extra account!
  • Watch out for Snarl!

Infos von Abenteurern:

Arindal version 53601

Sturm am: 11.03.2008

Offizielle Infos:

Smaller and bigger bugfixes, a lot of behind the scenes work. Enjoy!

Arindal version 53301

Sturm am: 18.02.2008

Offizielle Infos:

This time the only things you'll notice are some bugfixes. The bug with the invisible bodies is not fixed yet, we will (hopefully) do a quick restart later this week to fix this problem.

The bug where yells can't be heard from certain buildings has not been found yet. We're still looking into it.

  • Minor fixes

Infos von Abenteurern:

  • Hasenfelle werden nun nicht mehr als Reserved im Inventar dargestellt

Arindal version 53001

Sturm am: 01.02.2008

Offizielle Infos:

The world changed a bit here and there. Enjoy exploring and falling to mice.

  • The Special pre-sale item is for every first character of an account of which the payment has been received before the restart. If you did not receive it yet, please \pray. If Gyges is online he'll check your data and give you the item.

Infos von Abenteurern:

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